Design and realisation of Showrooms

Bianchi Design designs and realises showrooms and points of sale. Harmony, trends and functionality are at the heart of all our projects, while creativity, quality and professionalism are the basic principles of our working method.
Our company can take care of the design, production, assembly and finish of all environments, including furnishing and structures, that are studied jointly with the customer so to create an added value to the exhibited items.
We can operate for the customers either directly or in cooperation with architect’s studios, designers and communication agencies, and according to the customer’s or our design, always maintaining the highest levels of quality throughout the design phases.

Progettazione e Realizzazione di Showroom

Design and realisation of Exhibitions and Museums

Bianchi Design designs and realises museums and exhibitions, paying attention to every single aspect to make each event a unique experience.
Theme museums and temporary or permanent exhibitions: that’s where our ideas are shaped into innovating compositions of elements and materials.

Progettazione e realizzazione di Mostre e Musei

Some examples of our work: